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How Oats Overnight Drove a $4M EBITDA Increase Using Drivepoint

How Oats Overnight Drove a $4M EBITDA Increase Using Drivepoint

Learn how Oats Overnight used Drivepoint’s strategic financial forecasts to scale their facilities, maximize ROI on the expansion, and ultimately blow through Q4 sales goals.


With $20M+ raised from firms like Impatient Ventures and Access Capital, Oats Overnight is redefining the way delicious, nutrient-packed breakfasts are made. The brand is crushing online sales and on-shelf performance across Whole Foods, Walmart, and Wegmans — generating a blazing $100M+ run rate.


Oats Overnight needed to maximize ROI on their facility expansion

Every day, millions of people wake up and enjoy an easy, nutritious breakfast thanks to Brian Tate, Founder & CEO of Oats Overnight. Knowing that in-house production is key for a tasty, clean-protein product, Brian ignored the industry norm of outsourcing manufacturing. It paid off, with orders flooding both their DTC and wholesale channels in no time.

As the business scaled, the team realized keeping customers happy would require expanding their facilities. The only question was: When should they do it for the greatest financial return? In order to identify the perfect time for a high-return investment, the Oats Overnight team needed a robust data model that could account for expenses, projected sales, and profit margins all at once. Fortunately, they soon came across Drivepoint.


Drivepoint’s data-driven forecasts shed light on high-return opportunities

When Oats Overnight crunched the numbers, they decided delaying the upgrade of their facilities would be more cost-efficient. The problem is — they were only looking at one side of the story.

That’s where Drivepoint’s strategic financial modeling came into play. Following a seamless onboarding with Drivepoint, the Oats Overnight team was able to visualize the full financial impact of a new facility.

  1. At a glance, waiting a few months appeared to be a cost-effective strategy.
  2. However, upon closer inspection, Drivepoint’s forecasts showed expanding production would allow the brand to take advantage of the annual Q4 surge and surpass sales targets.

In other words, Drivepoint helped Oats Overnight take advantage of an imminent opportunity worth $4 million. The team proceeded to invest in the new facility and were able to scale production just in time. Oats Overnight’s margins skyrocketed, even offsetting the added expenses of accelerating their expansion plans.


Drivepoint’s strategic finance models inform profitable growth for Oats Overnight

Since onboarding with Drivepoint, Oats Overnight has seen impressive lifts to their bottom line. Even more importantly, they’re set up to make informed, data-backed financial decisions as the brand continually scales. Here’s a snapshot of the results driven by Drivepoint so far:

  • $4M EBITDA increase using Drivepoint
  • Helped achieve a successful $20M Series A Round fundraise
  • 98% forecast accuracy with Drivepoint

Looking forward, Oats Overnight is excited to step into the next stage of their business: scaling production with the help of Drivepoint's detailed and accurate forecasts.

"The Drivepoint model clearly demonstrated how and when the investment would be recouped — and, more crucially, the benefits of moving ASAP. Oats Overnight ultimately made the right decision and is now on pace to realize a $4-million-lift EBITDA vs. the budget plan."

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