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DTC Benchmarks

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About this page

What is this data?

The public company data above is the first component of a broader set of benchmarks we’re building to help DTC founders, investors, analysts, and press get a better handle on the market and competition.The index is made up of a group of public companies intended to serve as a representative sample of the (more mature) business models commonly associated with DTC eCommerce.

While many of them also have a wholesale business, we’ve filtered for businesses that we believe are fundamentally “DTC-first.”

Data for the above tables is sourced from a combination of Finviz, Koyfin, and individual company filings. We plan to add additional data from more sources soon.

Why does this exist?

Since many investment decisions are made on a relative basis, it’s mission-critical for founders and investors to have access to shared data sets that can help strengthen alignment and improve outcomes.

While the conversation about DTC valuations has benefitted from prominent voices in the community, we saw the need for a more comprehensive, evergreen resource. There are good reasons why this hasn’t previously existed. Creating a single set of useful benchmarks is difficult in a space primarily occupied by private companies. Data is scarce, numbers are difficult to trust, and it’s unlikely that any single data set can be applied universally across companies with varying categories, price points, and business models. But it’s important to start somewhere, and with your support and feedback, we hope this resource can continue to grow in valuable for all those involved in the DTC community.

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