How Taste Salud Grew Sales 10X with Strategic Insights from Drivepoint

How Taste Salud Grew Sales 10X with Strategic Insights from Drivepoint

Learn how Taste Salud, the beverage brand known for flavors inspired by traditional Mexican drinks, uses Drivepoint to eliminate manual budgeting and ensure accurate long-term forecasting.


Launched in 2020, Taste Salud is the brainchild of co-founders Tyler McCann, a product manager with 10 years in the sports nutrition industry, and Josh Leyva, a first-generation and Mexican American influencer. With a wide selection of flavors inspired by traditional Mexican drinks, Taste Salud brings a unique, healthy, and delicious taste to the market.


Manual financial workflows are time-consuming and unsustainable

When Tyler McCann’s former employer filed for bankruptcy, he picked up a valuable lesson: Sound financial planning keeps your business going. Once he co-launched Taste Salud a few months later, he made accurate financials his top priority.

During the early days of the company, Tyler relied on an elaborate spreadsheet he updated daily — a time-consuming process that functioned just well enough to maintain profitability. In his words: “Every day, I’d plug in info from our sources to ensure we were on track. It gave us some numbers, but it wasn’t sustainable.”

As the brand scaled and finances grew increasingly complex, Taste Salud needed a professional touch. Fortunately, Tyler had just discovered Drivepoint through a podcast featuring one of our co-founders. After hearing about our strategic finance platform, Tyler knew he had to get in touch.

“Even for a high-growth company, things can change quickly if you don’t actively measure your spend and use metrics to guide your decisions. Drivepoint stood out as something that could help us keep our business intact.”


Before Drivepoint, tracking key financial metrics was a manual drag for Taste Salud. Today, with our strategic finance software and world-class embedded analysts, Tyler’s team has turned data reporting on its head in three ways.

1. Drivepoint provides Taste Salud with Strategic Finance 101

Looking back, Tyler remembers his scarce eCommerce knowledge made him nervous to bring in experts. Yet, after just one call with our team, he knew he’d made the right choice: “Drivepoint went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable with industry concepts. We went from zero to ten with their support.”

Additionally, Tyler highlights the ease with which non-technical team members can navigate the Drivepoint platform: “For someone who is not tech-savvy, I got my way around without a hitch.”

2. Drivepoint’s reporting evolves alongside your business

Young brands like Taste Salud typically lack the data needed to build an accurate financial model. Coupled with Tyler’s limited exposure to strategic finance, he believed building accurate forecasts would be impossible for the company — until Drivepoint proved him wrong. 

Thanks to Drivepoint’s deep experience with scaling consumer brands, we easily:

  • Set up a custom dashboard that capitalizes on Taste Salud’s lean data reporting as an early-stage DTC business
  • Built dynamic scorecards that’ll scale and evolve as data accumulates, setting up Taste Salud’s finance strategy for years to come

3. Drivepoint combines external expertise with the impact of an in-house team

Tyler emphasizes the value of Drivepoint’s embedded professional services compared to that of an in-house analyst. As he explains, “Hiring internally requires time and resources, and I don’t even have the expertise to interview for this role. Luckily, Drivepoint brings the deep expertise with them, and their results are miles better.” Tapping into our subject matter expertise allows Taste Salud to:

  • Proactively identify financial issues before they escalate — As Tyler mentions, “We have so many talented people from Drivepoint on our side, and each of them takes care of specific parts of the model.”
  • Continuously refine models based on best practices — Drivepoint services brands across verticals, so we can equip Taste Salud with our wide-ranging knowledge of the DTC space and firsthand experience with a variety of clients.
“Knowing that Drivepoint has the ability and desire to support us as we grow is extremely reassuring. We don’t necessarily know what the future holds for Taste Salud, but we know we can handle it with Drivepoint on our side.”


Taste Salud uses Drivepoint’s strategic insights to grow sales by 10x

Before onboarding with Drivepoint, Taste Salud’s financials lived on a complex Google Sheet without any clear business insights. Now, all Tyler needs to gauge performance is Drivepoint’s real-time overview of their financials.

This has enabled some impressive time and cost savings, such as:

  • 10x growth in sales since partnering with Drivepoint
  • 330+ hours saved annually on budgeting
  • Up to $200,000 saved annually

In the past 12 months, Taste Salud has seen significant growth through partnerships with retail giants like Walmart and Target. Tyler attributes this rapid expansion to Drivepoint’s data-driven, insight-laden financial models. Even more, he emphasizes that they don’t plan on changing this any time soon.

“Before Drivepoint, we constantly questioned the fate of our own financials. Now, with Drivepoint, we have an entire dedicated team who wants us to succeed and knows how to make it happen.”

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