LIVE Webinar - JUNE 4th, 2024

Hard Numbers: The Financial Impact of Price Changes

with Simple Modern, NoonBrew and Intelligems
What to Expect

Pricing is an incredibly powerful lever to improve growth and margins for omnichannel brands. But it can be downright scary to make changes, especially if you’re unsure of the impact on CAC or conversion rates.

Join us for a conversation with industry leaders Brett Bone (Simple Modern) Andrew Case (NoonBrew) and pricing expert Drew Marconi (Intelligems).

We’ll explore:

  • 💵 The hard numbers behind how price changes impact your financials
  • 💡 How leading brands like Simple Modern and NoonBrew approach price changes
  • 3️⃣ Three actionable strategies to help optimize your pricing today

It’s a crash course on how to think about pricing, what the impact can be on your financials, and what you should do right now to optimize your own brand.

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