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Wholesale Forecasting Made Easy

Drivepoint is excited to partner with muffin data to bring wholesale analytics into Drivepoint's strategic Finance abilities.

Supported Retailer Integrations
& many more
Seamlessly power your wholesale forecasting

Integrate Wholesale data in minutes. No dev work required.

Enter your ID and passwords to major accounts natively right inside the Muffin Data platform.
Let us do the work of standing up your Wholesale schedule and out-of-the-box reports.
Jump on a call with the our team to see your data in action and start using the Wholesale Add-On yourself.
1-click import your Wholesale data into the SmartModel™ with the Drivepoint Excel Add-In. No more copy and pasting needed.
Easily forecast Units Sold and Velocity metrics per Store Selling, SKU or Account.
Export and share Velocity, Stores Selling and Units Sold Variance Reports straight from the Drivepoint Web-App.

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