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Bainbridge Is Now Drivepoint
June 21, 2023
June 9, 2023
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Bainbridge Is Now Drivepoint

When we launched Bainbridge in 2021, we couldn’t have anticipated all the changes the eCommerce industry has seen in the last two years:

  • iOS 14 tipped unit economics upside down for many brands
  • Interest rates rose faster than any time in history, crushing valuations along the way
  • Inflation spiked input costs, putting pressure on already tight profit margins
  • VCs and other risk capital largely abandoned the industry

The result? Valuations have tightened. Profitability is priority #1 for most brands. And “omnichannel” has become a default expectation for any brand selling products to consumers. Founders and their teams need great financial strategy more than ever before.

So today, we’re announcing a new name and identity to guide us into this next chapter: Bainbridge is now Drivepoint.

Drivepoint represents picking a spot on the horizon and taking purposeful action to get there. Whether your goal is getting to profitability, raising a round of equity capital, creating a massive exit, or just running a better business, our goal is to get you there faster. We help you understand the options, choose the best path, measure progress along the way, and adjust course when necessary.

We're on a mission to power the next generation of winners in the consumer brand space by providing world-class strategic finance at 1/6 the cost of hiring an internal team.

To deliver on that, we’ve been hard at work building the latest version of Drivepoint. In the past quarter, we’ve shipped:

Automation features to eliminate the costly and manual work of doing finance the old way:

  • Quickstart 24-hour self-guided setup
  • 1-click financials import
  • 1-click data imports from warehouse
  • 5-minute model roll-forwards

Integrated omnichannel forecasting to help you see the whole picture:

  • SmartModel™ v5 to help you forecast DTC, Amazon, Wholesale and Retail in one place
  • 98% accurate returning customer purchase predictions
  • Product-level inventory planning
  • 10x improvement in financial model performance

A modern, embedded professional services offering:

  • On-demand data and financial analysts with consumer brand expertise
  • Flexible and scalable credits system so you get exactly what you need
  • Expertise to help you find the ideal path to profitability

Together, these new capabilities enable Drivepoint to meet the financial modeling, forecasting, and reporting needs of growing consumer brands in today’s changing market.

Our customers have proven over and over that smart strategic finance serves as an essential guide for big, business-defining decisions.

In an industry where we A/B test every Facebook ad or email subject line, shouldn’t the same level of data-driven decision making be applied to major investment decisions?

Drivepoint makes that possible. No more flying blind with inventory purchase decisions. No more guessing at how a new product launch will impact LTV. No more scrambling to manually build reports for investors or your board.

The road ahead may have many turns, but with Drivepoint you'll have the information you need to navigate toward your end goal with confidence.

See Drivepoint in action for yourself by getting connected in just 5 minutes, or book a personalized demo with our team today.

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